Gary Anthes is a freelance journalist specializing in advanced information technology and computer science. He has written principally for Computerworld and Communications of the ACM. He also writes about travel, photography and history for The Washington Post and The Rappahannock News. To inquire about hiring Gary for an assignment, contact him at


Deep Data Dives Discover Natural Laws Computer scientists have found a way to bootstrap science, using evolutionary computation to find fundamental meaning in massive amounts of raw data. Communications of the ACM.

Robots Gear Up for Disaster Response After 15 years of research, robots for search and rescue may be nearing prime time. Communications of the ACM

Happy Birthday, Sputnik! (Thanks for the Internet) Fifty years ago, a small Soviet satellite was launched, stunning the U.S. and sparking a massive technology research effort. Could we be in for another “October surprise”? Computerworld

Artificial Intelligence Poised to Ride a New Wave  A host of new technologies will enable systems to understand and react to the world in ways that traditionally have been seen as the sole province of human beings. Communications of the ACM.


Hike This Way During a week in the Utah desert, the author learned that sometime it’s best to take the trail less traveled. The Washington Post.

Bodie: Is Anyone Home? This California ghost town Is full of light, not life. The Washington Post .

Ghost Roads of Nebraska In abandoned america, signs of life appear on the other side of the lens. The Washington Post.

A Most Sensational Past The author finds hidden history, and drama, on his farm.The Rappahannock News.

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